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The production process

We design and produce our interlocking wooden display cabinets, carefully taking care of all phases, from the idea to the packaging.
Find out more about how Esposit furnishings are born.

Office Furnishing

Just like you, we are looking for a unique workspace.
Whether at home or in the office, we want a place where we truly enjoy being.
That’s why we have added the Karya and Rialto collections to our catalog.
Designed to enhance your workspace, giving it character and harmony, to make it a space of ideas and inspiration.

About us

The availability to listen, the delivery of high-quality products enriched by a dedicated customer service and an ideal goods’ construction and industrialisation made Esposit a perfect supplier to work with.

PLAYWOODManaging Director

Esposit was a key supplier in the development of our wheeled wood displays. We identified together the optimized sizes of supports, the layout, the best exhibition method for our products and also the best packaging solution in order to protect the product and minimize the delivery costs.

HERBAL PRODUCTSResponsabile Marketing

I believe Esposit is a professional, on time and accurate company. They supported us through a non-stop customer service and they helped us during all the design phases. We are extremely satisfied.

JURATOYS ITALIAResponsabile Marketing

Esposit offered us a 360-degree service. Reliability, quality and availability together with a high attention to detail are the most appreciated qualities. We are very satisfied of the achieved result.

FERREROTrade Marketing Manager