It is an ideal and safe solution to create a consultation desktop workstation and/or info point workstation into shopping centres and stores. The counter has a back side with a halfway shelf for the storage, invisible to the people. Thanks to the interlocking technique, it can be easily assembled, removed and transported by becoming flat pack. Safe&Sound has a protective integrated screen made of transparent Plexiglas and into the wooden structure there is a small split used to insert the sheets of paper and to guarantee the safety of those who work in contact with people. The antibacterial screen can be easily cleaned and can protect the users and the employees. The protective barrier avoiding the transmission of infectious agents and the base are linked through a strong joint which makes it stable, even in situations of contact. It is a modern design element to prevent infections, easy to install and functional, useful to minimize the spreading of Coronavirus.

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Caratteristiche tecniche


multi birch 12mm ( transparent paint. top)
plexyglass 4mm



Mounted size

100 x 185 x 49 cm (LxHxP)

Useful shelf space

100 x 49 cm (LxP)

Space between shelves

46 cm

Package dimensons