Modular structure for arranging the order and the distance of people in line who wait for their turn. Every placeholder has a sequential number which indicates the still waiting number of people. The tickets with numbers usually given to people won’t be required anymore.
The assembly is very easy because ToccaAme is designed through the interlocking technique. The structure is self-supporting and it doesn’t require anchor points. It avoids to put stickers on the ground in order to indicate the distances and the possible damage of the floor. There are easy packages with four pieces, but the number of them can be extended according to the need of the client and the length of the people’s line. Even after the first purchase, it is possible to increase the number of placeholders and modules which follow the numbering. It can be placed straight or zig-zag according to the needs.

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Technical features


multi birch 12mm



Mounted size

325 x 125 x 25 cm (LxHxP)